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You can use this Section to purchase a wide range of upgrades for your account. Please scroll down for prices.

  • Email Services:
    • Web Based Email sets up your domain name in our Web Based Email System. You can then access all of your domain emails (anything@yourdomain.com) from anywhere in the world using any browser.
    • Email Forwarding redirects all mail sent to your domain (anything@yourdomain.com) to any other email box you choose, such as your ISP mailbox.
    • POP Mailbox gives you one catch all email POP mailbox for your domain. All mail sent to your domain (anything@yourdomain.com) will be sent to this Mailbox.
    • External Mailserver sets up an external mailserver such as Google Mail. This also allows unlimited changes to the MX entry in the DNS record for your domain.
    • Spam Filtering sets up SpamAssassin to filter spam (junk messages) from your emails.
  • Extra Disk Space in 10MB blocks. Multiple blocks can be ordered during this process up to a maximum of 1000 MB.
  • Private FTP Access to your account. You can upload files through your browser or our Public FTP site for free, however you can also add private access to your account.
  • Remote Loading allows images stored in a WebHosts Manager account to be loaded by other servers outside WebHosts Manager.
  • Weekly Backup. To help keep our costs so low, our Service Agreement requires Members to keep their own site backups however you can add Weekly Backups to your account.
  • SSL Secure Site to secure your web site - https://.
  • Host Extra Domain on your account. If you have more than one domain name, you can point another domain at your account. All domains would share the same Home Page and content.
  • Wordpress Free Wordpress upgrade is a free upgrade in our system for accounts with more than 70MB of disk space. Please contact us if you would like us to add this free upgrade to your account.


  1. Click here if you want to upgrade with Paypal.
  2. All fields in RED are required fields.
  3. Choose your upgrade in Section 1 below. If you are ordering Extra Disk Space, you will be able to select the quantity on the 3rd page of the order form.
  4. Enter details of the account owner in Section 2.
  5. Enter your hosting account details in section 3. If you want to host an extra domain, enter your new domain name here.
  6. When you are certain that all details are correct, click on the "Start My Order" button to begin the ordering process.
  7. Our system requires you to enter payment details and preview your invoice on 3 more screens before it is sent for processing. Your order will not be processed until you click the "Final Processing" button on the Preview Invoice page.

Web Based Email AU$13.60 (US$10.00) per year
Email Forwarding AU$20.40 (US$15.00) per year
POP Mailbox AU$20.40 (US$15.00) per year
External Mailserver AU$20.40 (US$15.00) per year
Spam Filtering AU$6.80 (US$5.00) per year
10MB Extra Disk Space AU$13.60 (US$10.00) each per year
Private FTP Access AU$20.40 (US$15.00) per year
Remote Loading AU$20.40 (US$15.00) per year
Weekly Backup AU$20.40 (US$15.00) per year
SSL Secure Site AU$20.40 (US$15.00) per year
Host Extra Domain Please select current disk space below
Existing 70 MB Account AU$8.16 (US$6.00) each per year
Existing 150 MB Account AU$16.32 (US$12.00) each per year
Existing 400 MB Account AU$32.64 (US$24.00) each per year
Existing 1000 MB Account AU$65.28 (US$48.00) each per year
Applicant First Name
Applicant Last Name
Company Name
(Only if company is owner)
Applicant Job Title
(Only if company is owner)
Postal/Zip Code
E-mail Address
Host Extra Domain Name
(If Adding Extra Domain To Your Account)
Destination Email or Mailserver
(If Ordering Email Forwarding Services)

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